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THE END.....thank you!

THE END.....thank you!

2 månader sedan

  1. pgpchappers

    pgpchappers17 timmar sedan

    Definitely need a new driver? Missed every fairway 😂

  2. Timothy Ades

    Timothy Ades17 timmar sedan

    Entertaining enough. But as I predicted in a comment on the last vid - a formality from the start... No amount of “top-of-range” clubs can replace talent like James’. And let’s face it, 14 clubs is too many for most amateurs anyway. If you limit your bag down just to your favorite clubs that you are most confident making shots with - you’ll actually play better!

  3. Wayne Park

    Wayne Park17 timmar sedan

    Very enjoyable 😀.

  4. Richard Williams

    Richard Williams17 timmar sedan

    Bromance ❤️ 😂 🏌️

  5. Mark Derby

    Mark Derby17 timmar sedan

    Great video Rick😊👍wish I could shoot 3 under with 4 Clubs🤪👍

  6. Matthew Sheppard

    Matthew Sheppard17 timmar sedan

    Great vid Rick, love to see more like this. Where’s your black quarter zip top from?

  7. Ponnappa Ganapathy

    Ponnappa Ganapathy17 timmar sedan

    If James had to pick one club from that set to put into his bag, which one would it be. I reckon the putter most likely

  8. Alex Fernandes

    Alex Fernandes17 timmar sedan

    Rick, love the videos! Your enthusiasm is fantastic, just a pleasure to watch. Also James’ putting 🔥

  9. Dwayne Dwayne

    Dwayne Dwayne17 timmar sedan

    How do the Britts say it “ Bloody Marvelous “.

  10. Bryn Ziegeman

    Bryn Ziegeman17 timmar sedan

    Rick: makes James play with 4 clubs and thinks he has a decent chance at winning James: sorry but I’m built different

  11. 72fletcher

    72fletcher17 timmar sedan

    Exciting to see the difference !

  12. Josh Thorndike

    Josh Thorndike17 timmar sedan

    James seems like one hell of a decent bloke. His golf game is lovely as well, such an effortless backswing. More of him on your channel please Rick!

  13. RussellRen

    RussellRen17 timmar sedan

    Arguably the best guest you've had on over the years!! Makes the game look effortless and the swing and putting is an absolute joy to watch!!

  14. Brandon Stevenson

    Brandon Stevenson17 timmar sedan

    hailstoning hahaha

  15. The Kobold Slayer

    The Kobold Slayer17 timmar sedan

    Built Different Hit Different

  16. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith17 timmar sedan

    In all of the golfing videos that I have seen on SEtoos I have never seen such straight shot tracers. It is a sight to behold!

  17. Timothy Bevis

    Timothy Bevis17 timmar sedan

    James is a rare breed. A gentleman and a very nice guy. That looked like it was as much fun for him as you. Thanks guys.

  18. Tom S.

    Tom S.17 timmar sedan

    Rick - please sponsor James for a year. We wanted to see him on tours.

  19. Neil Amalfitano

    Neil Amalfitano18 timmar sedan

    I wanna see a head to head match with you bringing your A game

  20. Ruthless

    Ruthless18 timmar sedan

    Great Video Rick , The chip that lipped for eagle was so unlucky .

  21. John Peters

    John Peters18 timmar sedan

    Said it before on another video but what a top bloke James Robinson is. Lovely guy, ridiculously good golfer!

  22. evan griffin

    evan griffin18 timmar sedan

    Ohhh Rick , someone needs a win after those two rough games 😅

  23. Neil Amalfitano

    Neil Amalfitano18 timmar sedan

    Bring him on more often he kicks ass......not saying you don’t

  24. ant john

    ant john18 timmar sedan

    If you just sorted that takeaway Rick..

  25. patrick brogan

    patrick brogan18 timmar sedan

    the difference between confidence and concern is the fundamental difference in the game! the greens and fairways are pretty much even between tour and public course. On tour if your hitting fairways and greens in regulation your going to be successful. Its when you miss on tour that going gets ROUGH!

  26. SilentMott

    SilentMott18 timmar sedan

    I like videos that allow me to gauge that astronomical difference between someone like me and the best that ever played. Think of it this way, I'm clearly an average golfer, probably 12-15 handicap and Rick makes me look like I've never touched a club. The difference between Rick and James in this video is more closely matched but James obviously outclasses Rick by a very large gap. Now think of the skill difference between James (who never managed a win on tour) and someone like Tiger or Mickelson who could make James look like a toddler. Its unbelievable how much better the best tour pros in the world are at this game.

  27. Christopher Wilkinson

    Christopher Wilkinson18 timmar sedan

    Pretty sure James has Lego hair!

  28. Steve jackson

    Steve jackson18 timmar sedan

    Such a good player , I’m midhigh HC so to me this is shocking seeing the difference in player levels for pros. I’m not worthy 😂 James should definitely still play sponsor him Rick 😎

  29. YQ Maoski

    YQ Maoski18 timmar sedan

    One more year, James! Rick, if you are on the bag, wouldn't that make for a fun year for both of you!

  30. Craig Berry

    Craig Berry18 timmar sedan

    what putter is james using? about 9 adverts there also lol

  31. mark peacock

    mark peacock18 timmar sedan

    What a talent 🙌🏼👏🏻🙌🏼

  32. Jmastives

    Jmastives18 timmar sedan

    Fantastic video! Most of my friends are newbies and they will get lots from this.

  33. Big Tony

    Big Tony18 timmar sedan

    More vides with James in pls. What a pair of legends fighting it out . Brilliant

  34. Derek Lucas

    Derek Lucas18 timmar sedan

    "Got a bit of an opening through these trees." Last words of many a golfer before getting a ricochet back at their dome.

  35. 1Andyfog

    1Andyfog18 timmar sedan

    Just goes to show wot lockdown has done to everyone's game, except James lol

  36. John Grinold

    John Grinold18 timmar sedan

    3 ball putter!!

  37. Old_Dog

    Old_Dog18 timmar sedan

    This and the last round with James, both were SO ENJOYABLE. More More more

  38. Terrance Parsons

    Terrance Parsons18 timmar sedan

    I would suggest that the pro can only use a 5 iron, 7 iron, 9 iron and 60 degree wedge. He plays driver and 52 degree on most holes anyway and giving him his putter just makes it easy

  39. PAUL K

    PAUL K18 timmar sedan

    I have the PING G410 driver 9*. I’m getting Similar results to you Rick. Also have the matching irons and same colours PING stand bag. All matchingLooks great

  40. Jarret Yingling

    Jarret Yingling18 timmar sedan

    You struggle to putt in EVERY video. I do not play and have no room to talk, I am just curious why you do not work more on your game on the green instead of getting there.

  41. sneaky shotz

    sneaky shotz18 timmar sedan

    I tried looking for this guy, but all that kept popping up was a little chubby loud guy, shouting fore left at everything...

  42. Collin Lybarger

    Collin Lybarger18 timmar sedan

    Wow rick had 150 yards left and other guy had 91. What a drive

  43. Z

    Z18 timmar sedan

    Kid you not, James is an amazing putter!!

  44. RCG 1

    RCG 118 timmar sedan

    I insist you sponsor James for another year on tour!😂

  45. D Lud

    D Lud18 timmar sedan


  46. Matthew Shedden

    Matthew Shedden18 timmar sedan

    I love my Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons, absolutely incredible set!

  47. KaM

    KaM18 timmar sedan

    Loved it, not your A game right, but James is so gooooood

  48. Miguel Chaves

    Miguel Chaves18 timmar sedan

    James is suuch a good golfer! Unbelievable!

  49. Neo Wick

    Neo Wick18 timmar sedan

    We found the new James Bond!

  50. karl G

    karl G18 timmar sedan

    That rusty vokey looks just like mine! Things a beauty. Would have been funny is James brought out the slazanger putter !

  51. Rob Bragg

    Rob Bragg18 timmar sedan

    It’s so hard to hate this guy, he’s too nice to hate lol! Man crush from Rick is hilarious

  52. Brian Gibson

    Brian Gibson18 timmar sedan

    “Imagine driver on a par 3” 😬🙄😭

  53. David Sandvig III

    David Sandvig III18 timmar sedan

    Please do more videos with James!

  54. James Barlow

    James Barlow18 timmar sedan

    I almost feel you've deliberately got this James Robinson on the channel to wind up the Yorkshire James Robinson

  55. mcloveeen

    mcloveeen18 timmar sedan

    Didn’t bring your b or c game 🤔 F game is all you play 😂

  56. D Lud

    D Lud18 timmar sedan


  57. fraser thomson

    fraser thomson18 timmar sedan

    Great video Rick. Can't wait to see Jane's back again soon - a putting focused one as James putting was off the charts.

  58. Anthony Steele

    Anthony Steele18 timmar sedan

    Great video lads. Here is the thing that amazes me. In the podcast with James, he said something like - he wishes he’d concentrated and practiced more putting in his day to day routine. In that 9 hole sample, his putting was phenomenal. How good does it need to be to be top level on the European Tour?!! Golf is hard!!! Love your work Rick, James & team.

  59. Harry Chittenden

    Harry Chittenden18 timmar sedan

    Loving the content with James, please keep it up! Maybe shoot one @ an iconic course e.g. The Belfry, where you Caddy for him like you did with Lee Westwood

  60. Matthew Couture

    Matthew Couture18 timmar sedan

    after seeing him go under par with a 70 LB set, i am surprised you didn't limit it to 3 clubs, or exclude the putter... that, and you didn't seem to bring your best :)

  61. John Flanagan

    John Flanagan18 timmar sedan

    Love watching James play. What a player.

  62. Chris McDonald

    Chris McDonald18 timmar sedan

    These are you best videos, so much fun to watch.

  63. Gary Barrel

    Gary Barrel18 timmar sedan

    Enjoyed that

  64. Aaron Jones

    Aaron Jones18 timmar sedan

    James is such an awesome guy. Just seems to be so humble.

  65. Pryce Alderson

    Pryce Alderson18 timmar sedan

    Boys. You can’t hit the green from 130 to an enormous green?

  66. Jack Hilditch

    Jack Hilditch18 timmar sedan

    These voiceovers work so well, speeds the video up so much. None of this talking and then going through the shot routine, instead just pure slick Rick. Said it again and I’ll say greatest produced videos on SEtoos

  67. Ben Aves

    Ben Aves18 timmar sedan

    I asked and it came true, I really like watching this guy play

  68. Joseph Fass

    Joseph Fass18 timmar sedan

    Looking to improve on my Cobra F6+. I'm in

  69. Peter Andresen

    Peter Andresen18 timmar sedan

    Great show Rick you got robbed on quite a few putts .

  70. Ryan Saunders

    Ryan Saunders18 timmar sedan

    Now I want a spreadsheet of clubs and balls with Rick ranking them out of 10

  71. HillbillyJedi88

    HillbillyJedi8818 timmar sedan

    Great video gents! James is crazy good. Rick.....I think you just need to relax more and not put so much pressure on yourself. You hit an amazing shot AFTER you couldn't win. The pressure was off and you just relaxed and played. Just play one shot to the next and don't let your mind wander to the end of the hole or match BEFORE it's done mate. Best of luck in the next Break 75 and looking forward to it!

  72. kelly oneal

    kelly oneal18 timmar sedan

    5 drives is what you base that on NOT

  73. Kenan Dokuyucu

    Kenan Dokuyucu18 timmar sedan

    What a stand-up guy James is. Would love to see more videos with him