Can a tour pro BREAK PAR with £70 golf clubs!?

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  1. Rick Shiels Golf

    Rick Shiels Golf14 dagar sedan

    Subcribe to my 2nd channel here! Lets get to 100K!

  2. Fabian Noe

    Fabian Noe2 dagar sedan

    @Keagan Kace definitely, I've been using Flixzone for years myself :)

  3. Keagan Kace

    Keagan Kace2 dagar sedan

    A tip: you can watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

  4. Michael Singh

    Michael Singh11 dagar sedan

    I tell you what, there is no legitimate excuse for playing bad because of the clubs. Lesson learnt I need to practice. Ps Ricky would you also caddie for me when I visit the UK

  5. Daren

    Daren14 dagar sedan

    Literally 99% won’t see this but I lost my job due to covid. They shut down all the restaurants in Cook county which then led me to loosing my apartment. I'm currently living out of my car which I try and make the best of. I've applied to a bunch of places I'm hoping to get a call back. if anyone could help me with whatever you could bc I'm needing stuff like hand warmers which I stuff my clothes at night when it's cold. Also cheap burgers/fastfood. I know times are tough for everyone these days but if you're able to help me I have paypal username pay2winlife If you're unable to help I totally understand thank you

  6. Patrick Davis

    Patrick DavisTimme sedan

    I know a former club pro who prefers to play with a set of Wilson Staff Tour Blade's he bought at a garage sale for $50.

  7. Angus Kerr

    Angus Kerr5 timmar sedan

    Absolutely loved this. James is a class act, wow! Just reinforces what we should know .. the best investment is to improve your golf game.

  8. Carl Campbell

    Carl Campbell8 timmar sedan

    This is too funny! It reminds me of goof balls like my self when in the past I would get garage sale and Goodwill clubs and try to play with them. How many guys do you know with bags full of old clubs in their garage?

  9. Carl Campbell

    Carl Campbell8 timmar sedan

    The few times I have played with guys of this caliber I found my self applauding uncontrollably for 18 holes.

  10. Maurice Jones

    Maurice Jones10 timmar sedan

    Put that putter in the bag!! Great video!!!

  11. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu4 timmar sedan

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  12. freakk out

    freakk out10 timmar sedan

    I will caddy but i won't be passing on the clubs or cleaning the balls - Rick shiels ;0

  13. Timanator *

    Timanator *11 timmar sedan

    Damn that is just impressive!

  14. dan coffin

    dan coffin12 timmar sedan

    161 people bought this set but still getting double bogey or worse...

  15. Glenn Baltzel

    Glenn Baltzel14 timmar sedan

    Why are the holes only 2 inches or so deep? They remind me of mini golf holes.

  16. Ponnappa Ganapathy

    Ponnappa Ganapathy16 timmar sedan

    If James had to pick one club from that set to put into his bag, which one would it be. I reckon the putter most likely

  17. FauxTree

    FauxTree18 timmar sedan

    I m glad you did this

  18. Carl Covey

    Carl Covey19 timmar sedan

    Out of interest, did you ask James what he thinks he could go round those same holes with his own set?

  19. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty19 timmar sedan

    time he beat me using only his 7 iron. He always used to say to me, "It ain't the equipment son."

  20. Me Me

    Me Me19 timmar sedan

    I've always told people they are idiots to buy expensive clubs. You can either hit it or you can't. It's your swing, NOT the clubs. Granted a premium set will likely give you a little more distance, but I've hit my $15 driver from K-Mart as far as 340 yards... and I hit a high trajectory with very little roll.

  21. Tom van Kamperdijk

    Tom van KamperdijkDag sedan

    Basically understandable. We crappy golfers need all the help we can get to put a decent round together. This guy can do it with talent and a good swing.

  22. Ross Towers

    Ross TowersDag sedan

    So much fun watching that ! Well done James !

  23. baysidelad1

    baysidelad1Dag sedan

    Best video you've put up this year.......loved it!!!!!!

  24. Paul Cooper

    Paul CooperDag sedan

    Great vid this. Really enjoyed it. When James is putting on 17th, the hole seems to be full of balls. Did make me start to wonder about the whole thing..

  25. first name

    first nameDag sedan

    it looks extremely windy out there

  26. jamesdanielkovacs

    jamesdanielkovacsDag sedan

    This is dumb - he could easily break par with a cheap set if it was just a full set of clubs...or even just a loft wedge

  27. Josh Guo

    Josh GuoDag sedan

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  28. Richard Magale

    Richard MagaleDag sedan

    it isn't the arrow...its the archer! You can be good with cheap clubs

  29. rome

    romeDag sedan

    Hit 260 with the hybrid on a previous hole. Should of taken that over the driver off the deck?

  30. Andrew Wick

    Andrew WickDag sedan

    Gives me hope I use that hybrid and putter,😂

  31. Rod Dela Cerna

    Rod Dela CernaDag sedan

    I really enjoyed this. His takeaway is really smooth. Great swing! Thanks for shooting this.

  32. frank frank

    frank frankDag sedan

    My company's 40 man weekly league had a 5 club round last year that had an all time low scoring average. Guys that own the latest club$ were real quiet while staring into their beers. Next year we are going to randomly pick a week and one plays with his opponent's gear. Everything but the glove and spikes.

  33. Joe Sheets

    Joe SheetsDag sedan

    Travino always said "It's the Indian, not the arrows"

  34. KookyFlukes

    KookyFlukesDag sedan

    He should start using that putter in the qualifiers. Also I bet he learned a lot about course management using that half set that he could take to tournament level

  35. moncorp1 Inc

    moncorp1 IncDag sedan

    My dad was a scratch golfer when I was growing up and into my middle age. I never got below a 10 handicap no matter how much I practiced or how many lessons I took. One time he beat me using only his 7 iron. He always used to say to me, "It ain't the equipment son."

  36. Chris Macmurdo

    Chris MacmurdoDag sedan

    His shots from the fairway were amazing but his putting skills even blow those away. Super talented.

  37. APM M

    APM MDag sedan

    This video makes a mockery of the leading brands in golf 😅

  38. Minom Pnom

    Minom PnomDag sedan

    That guy is a classy golfer.

  39. deldridg

    deldridg2 dagar sedan

    James comes across as a genuinely positive, chilled and all-round lovely guy. Perfect attributes for a quality golfer, which means I'm probably doomed. :-) Great vid and can't wait to share with a few mates who are spending ton$ on gear, not so much on instruction! Hehe

  40. Chris 226

    Chris 2262 dagar sedan

    Has anyone said you look like zerka from the sidemen?


    SUTHERLAND 212 dagar sedan

    I have that set Slazenger V100 half set isnt actually to bad

  42. yehuda krawchuk

    yehuda krawchuk2 dagar sedan

    James is a mad good golfer I dont know how he does it

  43. JEST3R

    JEST3R2 dagar sedan

    If anything, this is proof that workable equipment can be had for cheap

  44. daytonpyro

    daytonpyro2 dagar sedan

    this is grrreat i always said its the player not the clubs.

  45. OC Run

    OC Run2 dagar sedan

    the bigger handicap was the missing clubs, not the cheapness. Only saw quality show an issue with driver. A lot of puts a foot short instead of a foot past probably because he wasn't used to the weight of the putter.

  46. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox2 dagar sedan

    This was a great video. Well done - both of you. I really enjoyed this.

  47. Malt454

    Malt4542 dagar sedan

    Great clubs make a difference for a great player; great clubs are a great expense for other players.

  48. charlieb303

    charlieb3032 dagar sedan

    Rips the hybrid first time hitting it....

  49. Andy K

    Andy K2 dagar sedan

    Great video guys. Really enjoyed it. Was that at Worsley Old Hall?

  50. yeme

    yeme2 dagar sedan

    Would've liked to hear James say what he thought of the clubs, what he liked and didn't like, also what would be the first club or two he would add to the bag.

  51. Lamster 66

    Lamster 662 dagar sedan

    Has James ( who looks like the illigitimate son of Pierce Brosnan and Martin Kemp!) taken that putter home so that he can have one Taylor Made!.

  52. bdigitial

    bdigitial2 dagar sedan

    255 to the pin. Hits it 30 short. He just hit a 260 hybrid lol no

  53. Lamster 66

    Lamster 662 dagar sedan

    Bugger that means I'll have to stop answering "what's your handicap" with "These Clubs"

  54. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou2 dagar sedan

    consistently. Really enjoyed, and certainly will be back!

  55. arronthebaron

    arronthebaron3 dagar sedan

    Great video lads

  56. Jez I AM

    Jez I AM3 dagar sedan

    I've missed watching your channel Rick, thank you SEtoos Algorithm ! (super fun to watch this video and James was awesome - Rick you make a fantastic caddy!!).

  57. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou2 dagar sedan

    Not really a “Fuzzy” like comment.

  58. Blake Robert

    Blake Robert3 dagar sedan

    Great video! The skill James showed was so brilliant! Hope he plays in The Open!

  59. Ian purdy

    Ian purdy3 dagar sedan

    wow what a swing, effortless

  60. James Adcock

    James Adcock3 dagar sedan

    Pros swing it different

  61. Jae An

    Jae An3 dagar sedan

    Very entertaining. Thanks

  62. Nirre

    Nirre3 dagar sedan

    bought a robot golf ball for 300. Can hit the hole without aiming, money can buy skills.

  63. coreservers

    coreservers3 dagar sedan

    i just bought rife rx2 decent box set you should test them out

  64. Doc Hollywood

    Doc Hollywood3 dagar sedan

    dude, these are actually decent clubs..i thought he was gonna use some goodwill trash clubs..waste of time this is

  65. Frank Stallone

    Frank Stallone3 dagar sedan

    Would love to see the same 9 holes with his preferred clubs.

  66. Eric Charaba

    Eric Charaba3 dagar sedan

    I think new golf equipment is a lot like a weight loss fad. It definitely works but in the long run there is no substitute for putting in the work and getting better. I love getting a new club or golf gear and it makes me feel confident, but eventually the true golfer comes out and only practice will truly make me better.

  67. Scott Serio

    Scott Serio3 dagar sedan

    What amazes me is the skill level. He is a guy who cashed a few times on the Euro Tour and he is THAT GOOD. Like, when we are talking Rory or someone like that. How good are they? Clubs help, but the skill level of these guys is stunning.

  68. Ben Howes

    Ben Howes4 dagar sedan

    It must be the shoes then. *buys £200 shoes*

  69. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu4 dagar sedan

    what a cool cat and nice guy. most impressive to me the fact, that he obviously didn't just take it as a joke but really competed. well! done and a proove for his skills.

  70. Daniel Hazelhurst

    Daniel Hazelhurst4 dagar sedan

    A really likeable bloke. Good luck in the qualifiers

  71. Brendan Finnegan

    Brendan Finnegan4 dagar sedan

    In sorry for sounding ignorant, are these low holes standard outside of the US I mean the depth

  72. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu4 dagar sedan

    Can you give a link to the set of clubs? :)

  73. Mr05chuck

    Mr05chuck4 dagar sedan

    Not really a “Fuzzy” like comment.

  74. dudley1955sk

    dudley1955sk4 dagar sedan

    I really enjoyed James swing and though his results were not what the manufacturers may have hoped for I loved it. Would have liked to hear how he adapted his swing for the various swings he put on those sticks. Hope to see him again.

  75. Piner5074

    Piner50744 dagar sedan

    He should keep that putter for sure...

  76. Cyr1lbibi

    Cyr1lbibi4 dagar sedan

    you do not need fancy sets to play golf, you are right, I started to play golf a year and a half, not the best player by far (hcp 50), and I only play with I7/SW (sometimes I9/PW) and putter (time by time I5 and wood 3 but very rare bc most of the time I fail). Despite this, I manage to do one par and a couple of boggies/double boggies time by time (just that sometimes I go into bunker or in a terrible situation and got very bad hole - very hard to be constant at golf) Anyway, as my friend used to say "You only need a I7 to play golf". Thanks for this video, it gives you motivation to continue improving my swing! Wanna do short game!

  77. John Harrison

    John Harrison4 dagar sedan

    Brilliant , interesting and fun

  78. Brian Gray

    Brian Gray4 dagar sedan

    James is ridiculously good.

  79. Mike Rodriguez

    Mike Rodriguez4 dagar sedan

    Great video !!

  80. Go Sens

    Go Sens4 dagar sedan

    2nd time watching through, what a gas

  81. David Hunt

    David Hunt4 dagar sedan

    So Rick has a future as a caddy? Would love to see him in the Open, on the bag... accentuating the positive, of course.

  82. Mike Rodriguez

    Mike Rodriguez4 dagar sedan

    Love it already !!

  83. Julkius Petrinalk

    Julkius Petrinalk4 dagar sedan

    in Spain we say "it´s more importan the indian than the arrow"

  84. Terry Lalley

    Terry Lalley4 dagar sedan

    great fun, nice guy, super skills

  85. andy

    andy4 dagar sedan

    i'm not shocked at all. even cheap clubs these days are pretty good, - and a good player will beat someone that is "all the gear, no idea" anyday. The only thing i would say if that i am surprised by the clubs in the half set. given these are probably aimed at players who are higher handicappers, i would expect to see at least down to 5 iron as they wont drive as far and will leave that 180 yard shot alot and many players look at 150 yards as a 7 iron.

  86. Mike Carlson

    Mike Carlson4 dagar sedan

    yea, would be better if he had a full set of cheap clubs to make it more accurate! Either way it was fun to watch!!

  87. thesundancekid123

    thesundancekid1234 dagar sedan

    Can you give a link to the set of clubs? :)

  88. Sam Clews

    Sam Clews5 dagar sedan

    You should do this for all guests. Like Top Gear done the Reasonably priced car challenge

  89. AnalogueInQatar

    AnalogueInQatar5 dagar sedan

    Give me a set of Petron Impalas and a Penfold Commado. I'd rip that course into pieces.

  90. steve caplan

    steve caplan5 dagar sedan

    It would be great to see how he would score now with his own clubs as a real comparison

  91. Notorious Garage

    Notorious Garage5 dagar sedan

    How does that watch gives information about the distance of the ball ?

  92. DL Vox

    DL Vox5 dagar sedan

    So effortless. These guys are good.

  93. DL Vox

    DL Vox5 dagar sedan

    I miss the UK. Beautiful country.

  94. John Doe

    John Doe5 dagar sedan

    So just what irons were available in this set? In the U.S. a cheap set normally has just the 3, 5, 7 and 9 irons, but I hear you talking about the 8 iron? The 7 iron? I'm also surprised to hear you talking about distance in YARDS. I thought you Brits have completely converted to metric. Lastly, care for another suggestion? Have him play with just THREE clubs -- adjustable wood, adjustable iron and the putter.

  95. Gary CO

    Gary CO5 dagar sedan

    Rick, If you want to see if I can still shoot over 90 using James' clubs, I'm up for the challenge

  96. LabGorilla

    LabGorilla5 dagar sedan

    This is nuts. And he’s a full time coach? He struggled to make it on tour? The level must be insane.

  97. Jay Bevoman

    Jay Bevoman5 dagar sedan

    Neck a shot everytime "Limited clubs" is said

  98. Jamie O Connell

    Jamie O Connell5 dagar sedan

    Ah Rick come on you're bad at reading shots he must be handicap 1

  99. Pinky

    Pinky5 dagar sedan

    Very enjoyable!

  100. Ron Thibeau

    Ron Thibeau5 dagar sedan

    This should be a series

  101. Milo

    Milo5 dagar sedan

    this video just makes you love golf

  102. It'sGood

    It'sGood5 dagar sedan

    This isn't really a test of playing crap clubs, it's a test of playing with half a set.

  103. Ultimate Basses

    Ultimate Basses5 dagar sedan

    Slazenger clubs are flying off the shelves. Stock prices for the company hit an all time high. Got my half set on order. Great eye opener to those who think the most expensive clubs are the ticket to lower scores. I've been converted! Thanks James. And Rick for another great video, thinking outside the box.


    IAMBOBBY5 dagar sedan


  105. Andrew Molloy

    Andrew Molloy5 dagar sedan

    There are Golfers, then there are GOOD golfers, then there are EXCELLENT golfers, then a leap up to this Guy, and then at least two more levels above him on the tours. Golf is a humbling sport. Mentally and Physically I SHOULD be able to compete with them, in an occasional dream, I mean I don't have to Run, Lift etc. BUT this Guy is SO far beyond my best I am not sure there is a comparison measure!

  106. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo5 dagar sedan

    Must be hard to be handsome, charming, and good at golf. Wishing you all the best, James.

  107. M Maranta

    M MarantaDag sedan

    Thank you, but I’m just average at golf

  108. folk10

    folk105 dagar sedan

    at 14:54, I'm 90% sure he hit the pin about a foot up

  109. DW Rajecki

    DW Rajecki5 dagar sedan

    James: “I like that putter...can I keep it.” 😂

  110. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo5 dagar sedan

    like Seve would have revelled in this