255 yrds PAR 3 - HARDEST golf course I’ve played #Break75 EP5

BREAK75 EPISODE 5! This episode Rick takes on the beautiful JCB Golf & Country Club. Standing at 7,400 yards off the very back tees, Rick really has his work cut out to break75
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    Thanks so much for watching! *subscribe* to my 2nd channel & help get to 100K! setoos.info

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    @Daniel Willems Unless it goes in with the first shot how can it be a hole in one?

  3. UK Carp Angler

    UK Carp Angler7 dagar sedan

    @Marcus Lee Very much so!

  4. Daniel Willems

    Daniel Willems8 dagar sedan

    Hole in one challenge from the back tees on the 17th their. 1) make sure camera is recording 2) get a ball sponsor. Be a lot of wet balls Just imagine if you get it. Eternal SEtoos glory, forever cement yourself as the best SEtoos golfer

  5. Larry Gideon

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    @Augustus George definitely, I've been watching on Flixzone for since november myself :)

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    A tip : you can watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching lots of of movies lately.

  7. Tony

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    I don't know if Rick edits these himself but they're super funny

  8. tkdatheartc

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    Pickle Rick!!!!!!!

  9. Ken Beattie

    Ken BeattieDag sedan

    Golf is a very humbling game. Just when you think you've got it figured out...

  10. Billy Mabum

    Billy MabumDag sedan

    That 1st putt on the 5th was hilarious . We’ve all been there though buddy .

  11. Matthew Dev

    Matthew DevDag sedan

    Hole 17 is bonkers. And that road at the back looks dangerous 😂

  12. Matthew Dev

    Matthew DevDag sedan

    Bunker rakes and flags you can remove? Oh you think you fancy!

  13. SGTGRAY -

    SGTGRAY -Dag sedan

    I'm surprised he uploaded this😂😂

  14. john maddox

    john maddoxDag sedan

    Rick we in Staffordshire who have played this course no matter what your handicap have all bit the dust and felt destroyed, you just made me feel better, good vid and heart goes out to you

  15. Xtr3me0wn4ge

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    You came for 12:43

  16. D T

    D T2 dagar sedan

    Love the videos Rick but would be great to see some more of Guys shots and get an idea of how he faired against you. I do understand time constraints and not wanting the video to be too long though. Great content either way.

  17. WullyBee

    WullyBee2 dagar sedan

    I love that you show the highs and the lows. I'm new to golf, been going to the driving range for about 6 weeks, bought a cheap set of clubs and played by first round a couple of days ago. It was an ABSOLUTE disaster but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I made par on a par 3 just narrowly missing the birdie put after a great tee shot. Also nearly drained a 40 yard chip for it to come round the edge of the hole and back towards me.

  18. Mike the Whizz

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    When the golf course is open before the bank

  19. Mike the Whizz

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    Wish I had a button start car

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    Kudos for keeping going and kudos for posting. As others have said I reckon a lot wouldn't have posted. Great videography too.

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    Well done Rick , tough track

  22. Will Lloyd

    Will Lloyd3 dagar sedan

    You sir don’t make any putts outside 4 feet

  23. Shaun Coleman

    Shaun Coleman3 dagar sedan

    Nice video of the rough rick. Looked tough course.

  24. MEV Alan

    MEV Alan3 dagar sedan

    Rick, you really gotta stop hitting the bump and runs and starting using more loft. All other parts of your game is glorious!

  25. LabGorilla

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    Why so many ads? I have to unsubscribe. And I love the podcasts.

  26. Ric Teves

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    Golf=self depreciating humor.

  27. JH

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    As someone that has played one round in my life and that was 5 years ago, I've been massively binging Rick today. May have to learn to play!!

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  29. genxer39

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    You shouldn't have played the course with the mindset of must make a 75 or under. Instead relax and just play the golf you normally play. Then at the end see what you score.

  30. Sam Armstrong

    Sam Armstrong4 dagar sedan

    Would of liked to see more of your mate play, what did he score?

  31. phil goss

    phil goss4 dagar sedan

    “Oh no where’s that gone” pmsl ive got that on repeat when Ive been playing since lockdown😂😂😂 my most popular phrase Barr fore that is..well done Rick u kept smiling and no broken clubs 😎😎

  32. Eddycangolf

    Eddycangolf4 dagar sedan

    This is the most honest golf vlog I've seen on SEtoos in a long time.

  33. BK Binj

    BK Binj4 dagar sedan

    To quote Mark Knopfler, “Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug.”

  34. Scott Stewart

    Scott Stewart4 dagar sedan

    Rockliffe Hall next rick off the gold tees

  35. Arthur Haverkamp

    Arthur Haverkamp4 dagar sedan

    I think you played pretty good. It is always hard to read greens if you never been there before..

  36. Tim K

    Tim K4 dagar sedan

    how old where you when you scored your first 89 in golf

  37. TeddyCavachon

    TeddyCavachon4 dagar sedan

    Golf is a war, physically and psychologically, with 18 separated battles where the designer owns the castle with the flag on the hill and surrounds it with obstacles to prevent the golfer from capturing the flag with 3 to 5 precise golf shots. The problem with stroke play today, psychologically, is that golf course design is so punitive - with holes like 255 yard par 3s - a non-elite golfer will probably never par. A bad hole or two early in a stoke play round can be mentally debilitating and affect concentration and performance and the punitive design of most courses nowadays almost guarantees the average weekend golfer will have two or three spirit crushing and score ruining holes. But that helps the girl in the beverage cart sell more beer so it a win for the course. I worked at a course for several years after retiring and the biggest profit centers were: 1) beer, 2) range balls. The course operated at a loss and stayed afloat financially on a sea of Bud Light. The reason golf is not more popular is that golf courses designed to challenge the skill of elite amateurs and pro are frustratingly punitive for the average golfer who does something other than play golf for a living. It is simply impossible to develop the skills necessary to hit the shaped golf shots a punitive golf hole requires for low stoke score consistently if one is not able to play daily and play not scoring practice rounds on the course with game balls. The pro and elite amateurs are able to hit hundreds of Pro VI shots at the range to how to hit a 5, 10 or 20 yard fade or draw (50 in the case Bubba Watson) and the precise yardages with those shapes with each club in the bag but mere mortals can’t. The USGA bemoans the fact more people don’t play the game and perhaps some day it will get a clue and make it less frustrating to play, like encouraging solo practice rounds with match-play - Win, Lose, Draw - scoring on each hole against the designer not the playing partner. Instead the USGA solution to the dilemma of golf holes being too punitive for an average golfer was to add extra tee boxes to change the length of shot required off the tee to reach the short grass (for the ladies) and the arcane handicap system so less skilled players would be motivated to pay to play in club competitions and have bragging rights at the bar after the round. The cost of maintaining one’s handicap adds a tax on top of the cost of equipment and greens fees. Fortunately outside of competition there is no need to play the game by USGA’s stroke play rules. Just follow the USGA match-play rules but do it with the mindset that your opponent isn’t your three beer swilling buddies it is the very sober and sadistic SOB who designed the course psyche you out and cause you to play worse that you are capable of; why most can’t take their game from range to the course. When I started playing golf at age 31 in 1983 in the Philippines where I was working in the Foreign Service I was smart enough to realize I would not have a chance in hell of being any good at and shooting par it until I retired and had the time to spend four or five hours, four or five days a week practicing. I played socially and sucked equally at golf and San Miguel beer with a good cigar and was very content doing that. In the Philippine when I’d hit a shot in a water hazard there would always be four or five little kids who would jump in, find it, and sell it back to me for a Peso ($0.05 US). A dozen new balls would last a year and I would joke I didn’t by them I leased them from the kids on the course. I got interested in the game again in 2003 after buying a house which had an artificial putting green. I started going to thrift stores to find putters and wedges and then started buying and re-gripping complete sets of older clubs like 1978 Wilson Reflex (the first slotted design) and Ping Eye 2. That is when I also started reading and buying golf books and taking them out of the public library and became a student of the history of the game and how the evolution of the equipment influenced the evolution of swing technique and how bringing the game to America and improvements in equipment at technique changed the philosophy of golf course design. It was taking a min. wage job as Starter at golf course in 2008 which finally allowed me to shoot a par round of golf after nearly three years of 200 ball range sessions followed by 9 - 27 hole non-scoring practice rounds 5 - 7 days a week. For instruction I decided to start with Hogan’s Five Lessons book as my baseline with the goal of learning how to control the swing the way he did to make it consistently repeatable, which I finally did with a set of old blade irons like he had used. The blade irons were unforgiving of any miss-struck ball but it was the feedback from those shots which gave me the clues I needed regarding the cause and how to fix the problem. I followed Hogan’s advice of only using a 7 iron until I learned to control ball flight with it. I practiced with only a 7 iron at the range then I would go play a nine hole round on the course with only the 7 iron tee to green. Eliminating the variable of all the different clubs was the key to making rapid improvement in my swings and learning to shape shots and control trajectory to control what the ball did in the air and more importantly after it hit the ground. When I started shaping my approach shots with my 7i to match the longest line from front sides of green to pin more and more of my approach shots stayed on the green compared to my weekend golf experience where straight shots would hit then roll off the back where the designer usually made recovering from that error costly in terms of stroke score. I didn’t start keeping stroke score until I had started shooting par or better on half the holes of the challenging nine-hole, Par 5 course which had been built as a golf academy with a large driving range and lots of hazard and challenging dog-legs on the course. When I did start playing by USGA stroke play rules I would often be a shot or two under par after seven holes then get a case of nerves wanting preserve that record (for me) score only to blow the last two and wind up five over. Finally one day the sun, stars and planets aligned and I managed to shoot par. Shooting a par round had been my goal and having accomplish it switched to the match play against the designer scoring method because I could gauge my performance just as will with it simply by counting the holes won against the designer with birdie or better. My new goal became needing more than one hand to keep score. 😂

  38. B B

    B B4 dagar sedan

    Last episode “I’m getting better” this episode you’re getting worse😂 Love the content

  39. Mac·au

    Mac·au5 dagar sedan

    That was shanktastic! 😂 I thin Round 2 might be different ... 🤔

  40. Martin Best

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    Morgan Freeman "but he wasn't back" 🤣🤣

  41. Niel

    Niel5 dagar sedan

    I love these videos and I LOVE the way you also show the bad days, something many of us know better than the good ones! ;-) Your honesty is refreshing, it makes your videos stand out from the highly edited "look how good I am" ones you normally see on SEtoos. P:S - I actually think I could teach YOU how to make a greenside bump and run shot, mine rock to the point that I feel more comfortable using an 8 iron to the "Texas wedge" from the fringe! ;-)

  42. Darren Mcintosh

    Darren Mcintosh5 dagar sedan

    75 what?.... Doll hairs?

  43. Paul Salonen

    Paul Salonen5 dagar sedan

    It's so easy to let your mood slide, drop your head and miss the stunning scenery around you when you aren't playing your best.. Rick showing us all how to enjoy a beautiful and challenging golf course even when things aren't going your way. Hats of to you for setting the example 👍

  44. Erik Lund

    Erik Lund5 dagar sedan

    Love your videos and channel Rick!

  45. Simon Pruitt

    Simon Pruitt5 dagar sedan

    So what size excavator I gotta buy to play here? Probably more like how many

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    Yes, so bad.

  47. Joey Toepfer

    Joey Toepfer5 dagar sedan

    Very late to this video but I love these quick 18 hole videos that are only 15 min and it’s good golf!

  48. Montetank Tankkiller

    Montetank Tankkiller5 dagar sedan

    The island (hole 17) is getting smaller and smaller because the water level will rise because of the sunken golf balls.

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    my grans swings it better than u lool

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    Rick "how do you miss the green from there" Me "allow me to introduce myself"

  53. Mr Hyde

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    @oiuet souiu couldn't agree more this is great stuff

  54. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu5 dagar sedan

    Fantastic Video though Rick, really well done 👍🏻

  55. Wilf50

    Wilf506 dagar sedan

    just shows once your out of the slot its a tough game id have been happy with 85 round that tho

  56. Simon

    Simon6 dagar sedan

    I felt your pain

  57. Kristian Taylor

    Kristian Taylor6 dagar sedan

    What handicap is Rick?

  58. BruceReeee

    BruceReeee6 dagar sedan

    this video gave me hope and i love you for it.

  59. Phil James

    Phil James6 dagar sedan

    Could you do a video on putting and how to line up, read a green and judge pace correctly. I feel from all 5 of the episodes you lost a lot of shots from unlucky putts, misreading pace and line. If these had gone your way you’d have broken 75 and more every time. Just a thought but great series pal !!

  60. eamo30

    eamo306 dagar sedan

    New video ..get dr Bob Rotella involved and replay that course with his techniques going.see how ya do..

  61. oiuet souiu

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    Rick! Watch Phil Mickelson’s secrets of the short game. It took my short game to the next level. All about the hinge and hold baby!

  63. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu6 dagar sedan

    you know its a bad day when blue lets your down...

  64. jonathan glassow

    jonathan glassow6 dagar sedan

    Keep your head up Rick! Like you said before 100 great shots can be crushed by 1 bad. Don’t let one bad game get you down!

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    Looks like me playing golf

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    Steven Hodson6 dagar sedan

    Tough looking course . Didn’t fancy that opening tee shot and 2nd shot over water! Thanks for the vlog always enjoyable.

  67. Larry Borland

    Larry Borland6 dagar sedan

    Rick just played a terrible game that would be great for me, and I'd be even more mad about it than he was. LOL

  68. Daniel Oakes

    Daniel Oakes6 dagar sedan

    Great to watch this Rick! My brother works here so have played here a couple of times, admittedly not of the back back tees. Safe to say JCB beat me aswell XD

  69. Graeme Bruce

    Graeme Bruce6 dagar sedan

    Fantastic Video though Rick, really well done 👍🏻

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    Golf...the only game that can't be won...only played.

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    Rockliffe Hall, Hurworth, Co. Durham - 7879 yds Par 72

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  77. APM M

    APM M6 dagar sedan

    I've never understood why they design courses like this , which are silly long with traps and water everywhere. No championship tournament will be played here ! And your average player will have a horrible round and probably won't return. 658 yard par 5 ! Most amateurs can barely hit driver 230 yards.

  78. APM M

    APM M6 dagar sedan

    4 over but I'm back ! Oh dear 😊

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    you know its a bad day when blue lets your down...

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    giovanni sirianni6 dagar sedan

    Had the great pleasure of playing this last year. What an unbelievable golf course so so good. Somehow I made par on the 17 which is going to be my claim to frame for the rest of my life 😂😂

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    Just try GreenEagles near Hamburg, it has 7308 METERS !

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    Don't kick left...kicks left. Stay on the green...rolls off the green. Laughs at himself. Love it hahaha

  87. UK Carp Angler

    UK Carp Angler7 dagar sedan

    Rick, not that I am expecting a reply but do you think that the golf course got in your head a bit? In the build up to the round, on the podcast and through the little teaser content, it seemed like you were genuinely apprehensive about the course length, I understand that a lot of it is to create a bit of hype and tension but it seemed like you were actually a bit worried before teeing off. Great content either way, thanks.

  88. Garry Knapper

    Garry Knapper7 dagar sedan

    I think that I could rack up 150 no problem!

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    This course looks brutal with all the OB, Water, Hills, and Woods you could hit your ball in lol. This course would destroy me too lol. I would still have fun but I would not score well lol.

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  99. Bryn Ziegeman

    Bryn Ziegeman7 dagar sedan

    I played a course that was 7700 yards from the tees we played and I shot a 93 and was thrilled even though my usual score is around 80. I think it’s more about just playing a great course that makes you happy

  100. Andy hodgson

    Andy hodgson7 dagar sedan

    I like how Rick laughs when he shanks one. Certainly a better temperament than me. If I shank one it's usually a scream of "B*****D!".

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  102. John blynther

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    Rock girl7 dagar sedan

    Stunning course .toughest course I’ve ever played. Can’t imagine playing from the black tees tho. It must be at least 250 to carry the pond on the first

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    Love these Break 75 videos but for the last 2 or 3 episodes might offer a suggestion to your editing team. Chill out on the music volume and holy annoying sound track choices Batman. I know it seems crazy but I sometimes want to hear what Rick is saying. Am I alone in thinking this?

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